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What makes your online form builder FormForAll unique are all its predefined fields and their numerous options there to save you time!

Just take a look and you’ll see all what you can simply include into your forms:

Identity (click on the image below)

  • Social login (Facebook and Google+) for sign-up and for log-in,
  • Name (name, firstname, title, suffix, company, date of birth,
  • e-mail (+ confirm your e-mail),
  • sign-up (ID or e-mail, password),
  • log-in  (ID or e-mail, password +forgotten your password).

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Contact (click on the image below)

  • address (main, home, secondary, shipping, professional),
  • place of birth,
  • phone.

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ID’s / Credit card / date (click on the image below)

  • Id,
  • Driving licence,
  • Credit Card,
  • Date / time.

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Customized fields  (click on the image below)

  • text field,
  • single choice answer: radio buttons, select list,
  • multiple choice answer: check boxes,
  • file upload

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Submit button / Page break/ New section  (click on the image below)

  • page break,
  • new section,
  • submit button ( ”submit”, “book”, “next”, “search”,  ”find out”, “more”, “join” or type your own title).

champs builder 5

More infos: FormForAll features.

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