FormForAll’s online form builder multilingual display feature

Reach your web users worldwide with FormForAll’s online form builder multilingual display feature!

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Maximize the transformation rate of your form page by allowing prospective clients to visualize your form in their own language. And minimize mistakes and misunderstandings from web users not being fluent in your language.

FormForAll allows you to display your form in multiple languages. All predefined fields will then be automatically shown in the language of the IP address country (if supported) or in the form’s default language. Web users can however manually change the display language to suit their own personal preferences.

Languages currently supported include:

illustration multilingual display formulaire V2

How does it work?

Once your form is built in the language of your choice and saved for publishing, go on to our SETTINGS / LANGUAGES sub menu.

There, simply select the by default language of your form.

Then, Select our Multilingual Display option, and when a web user sees your form, labels will automatically be displayed in their own language based on the language defined in their browser or in the default language selected above if their language is not yet supported. Users can also manually change the language to suit their own preferences by selecting their preferred language from the list.

Click here to test our multilingual display feature on one of our examples.

FormForAll’s online form builder multilingual display feature is free and included in all our pricing plans, including our free form builder plan.

Of course, FormForAll’s online form builder multilingual display feature is also available to you when you use our online form builder platform through our WordPress contact form plugin or our Drupal webform module.


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