How to install FormForAll’s WordPress contact form plugin ?

Our contact form WordPress plugin is extremely easy to install.

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  1. Open a free FormForAll form builder account.
  2. Through your WordPress menu, click on Plugins and type FormForAll on the search box.installation plugin wordpress 1
  3.  Once you have found our WordPress contact form FormForAll plugin, click on Install now.installation plugin wordpress 2
  4.  A new window opens. Click on Install now.installation plugin wordpress 3
  5. Click on Activate Plugin. You should see our WordPress contact form Plugin on your Plugins’ list.installation plugin wordpress 4installation plugin wordpress 5
  6.  Look at your WordPress toolbar, our logo icon should have appeared at the right of the toolbar menu. Click on the icon.installation plugin wordpress 6
  7.  If a new window opens with the message : “Parameters have not been set correctly”, go to next step, otherwise skip to step 12. Click on the message “Parameters have not been set correctly”.installation plugin wordpress 7
  8. To use our API, you need to enter 2 parameters. To get them, click on the link “To get an API key”.installation plugin wordpress 8
  9. You are now redirected to FormForAll online form builder site. Log-in to your account, go to MY ACCOUNT and then to USER API KEY.installation plugin wordpress 9
  10. On the USER API KEY window, you see the User ID and API key parameters that you have to copy on WordPress. Once copied on WordPress, click on “Save changes”.installation plugin wordpress 10
  11. A “settings saved” message should appear and confirm that your API parameters have been saved.installation plugin wordpress 11
  12.  Congratulations, you’re done! A new window opens. All forms you have created on your FormForAll online form builder account appear there. Just select one form and click on “Add a form” to insert it wherever you want on your WordPress site!installation plugin wordpress 12


Enjoy your WordPress contact form plugin!

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