New Social login feature : Google+, in addition to Facebook connect

FormForAll online form builder now allows your users to sign-in and to log-in to your web site with their existing Facebook and Google+ identities.


logo connect with facebook google+


Simplify sign-in and log-in to your site by proposing your users to use their social network identity.

Our Social login field can be used in two cases:

  • for you sign-in process,
  • and for your log-in process.

process

Your users will in one click fill the following info: lastname, firstname, e-mail address, gender and birthdate.

Lots of studies have concluded that it increases sign-in rate by as much as 80%! Why ? Because it is simple and your users do not need to define and remember a specific user ID and password to your site.

Log-in process

Users that have signed-in using their Facebook or Google+ identity will as well be able to log-in to your site in one click. Again, no user ID and password to remember and to type! On your side, no more “Forgotten your password ?”!

FormForAll is proud to be one of the very few online form builder on the market to propose you our Social login field, and we sincerely hope you will use it and appreciate it.

To test how this Social login works, simply click on the following link :

More info: FormForAll.

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