SSL, HTTPS, RSA key: FormForAll’s online form builder security features

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FormForAll’s online form builder offers you the option to have all your forms and data secured, using our SSL and RSA key options. 

When you create your form, just select in your SETTINGS Menu the SSL option in the SECURITY / SSL sub menu.


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All you forms will from there on be served securely (views and submissions) whether you choose to publish them using our links to share (you will then notice that the URL starts with https: //) or you decide to embed our JavaScript into your site.

If your form includes a Credit Card field, an Identity Card field or a Driving license field, we request that you use in addition a public RSA key to encrypt even more this kind of sensitive data. Why the use of a RSA key ? Because without it, your form won’t be accessible to anyone as we can’t store that kind of data in plain text.

RSA is an algorithm for public-key cryptography. It is an asymmetrical encryption requiring two separate keys: one of them is public and is used to encrypt data (this is the one you need to provide us), the other one is private and is used to decrypt what was encrypted with the associated public key. Generating this key pair is very easy, just follow the steps described in our documentation.



Of course, FormForAll’s online form builder security features are all available to you when you use our online form builder platform through our WordPress contact form plugin or our Drupal webform module.

SSL is an option available with all our pricing plans, including our free form builder plan.

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