Why should you use Connect with Facebook in your contact form ?

logo connect with facebook


Connect with Facebook is today the resolution of identification offered by Facebook  which allows any site asking for an identification to delegate this one to Facebook.

What are the advantages of using Connect with Facebook ?

  • web users will be able to fill in their Name, Firstname, E-mail address and/or birthdate in one click.
  • think before asking for a password since Facebook already checked the existence of the web user’s account.

How to include Connect with Facebook in my webform with FormForAll online form builder ?

  1. Create a formcreate a form
  2. Give it a name, select a language. Once you are on the builder interface, simply drag and drop with your mouse the “Social login” fieldillustration social login field
  3. As the Field Edit window mentions it, you need to drag, in addition to this “Social login” field, a “Name” field with / without the birthdate option and / or an “E-mail address” field to your contact form. This is for FormForAll to provide you with the web user’s Facebook informationillustration social login field avertissement
  4. For the purpose of this example, let’s drag a “Nam”e with birthdate and “Email address” fieldsillustration social login field étape 2
  5. Save your form for publishing, go to Publish to get the link to share or copy the JavaScript to embed this form into your site.  Your form should look like:illustration social login field étape 3
  6. When a web user clicks on the Connect with Facebook logo, it will automatically fill in all info (or an intermediate Facebook window will appear if the web user’s Facebook session is closed, asking for Facebook’s ID and password).illustration social login field étape 5

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